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Inter-school Sports


On Tuesday we did inter-school sports. we played against st Christopher’s and we won 32 to 2. Today we played against mount waverly but unfortunately we lost  24 to 9. but we all still had fun and i’m looking forward to our next game.  

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End of Term


This term has been a really good term. I can’t wait until the next term comes. Easter is coming up and I hope everybody has a good holiday. I think the best thing about the term was doing are PLT’s, doing some really fun art, and the most important thing, getting to know eachother and our new teacher Mr. Kirwan.

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some of our wonderful kids from st lukes has been on abc me and I must say we have done an amazing job.  it is so cool and we have done lots of things. and I admit that we do have super stars at our school.

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2017 Blog Post


Hi everybody! hope you had a great time on the holidays.

It has been a very good year so far and hope it is going good for you as well.

I have had a brilliant time being a grade 6 so far and it is really awesome. I am looking forward to high school.

I have a great buddy, she is so sweet, kind and also a little bit cheeky. I think 2017 has been the best year so far. and being a senior is great as well.

please respond on how your year has gone so far.

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Macquarie Island Imformation Report


The Northern fur seals are found on Macquarie Island. It is a seal that visits the coast of the pacific and southern oceans. The male is larger than the female. The thick fur on the underside is used as sealskin.

Northern fur seals are classified as pinnipeds, a word which is from the Latin words “flap-footed”. Native to the northern pacific ocean, northern fur seals have the second thickest coat of fur of any animal, but the sea otter has the thickest. The coat of the adult female fur seal is a reddish brown on the front and underside with a silver patch on the chest and silver grey on their top.  Adult males can range in color anywhere from brownish grey to black. The diet of the fur seals is mainly made up out of squid, pollack, herring, salmon, mackerel, and anchovies. Northern fur seals are found throughout the northern pacific ocean from japan to southern California all the way up to the Bering sea. Northern fur seals spend about half of the year out at sea. They sleep on their backs while floating along the surface with their fins sticking out of the water. This is called the “jug-handle” position.     

Image result for northern fur sealsHope you enjoyed my Information report.

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The Daily Eliopoulos: Sports Aticle


It is a tough start and Japan is in the lead of shooting goals.  Australia is lagging behind but they shoot a few more nearly catching up. But then Japan just flies through in ahead of them. Now it is getting really scary for Australia.

But suddenly Japan freezes with shock that Australia seems to be in the lead. Australia finally seems to be smashing Japan!

It is the last quarter and all it is to take Japan download-2down is a few more goals and Australia wins this game. And indeed they do take a few more goals and they won to Japan! These are the final scores- 92 to 86! 

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Senior S Morning Food Review


At school we tasted some interesting and fresh foods.

First I had a salada with the eggplant dip. I knew what the eggplant dip tasted like because I have had it at home. I really love it!!!!!!!!!!! The snack that I had was moist, sweet, delectable, scrumptious, lemony and absolutely delicious.

Second I had a see-weed rice cracker with taziki. The cracker was crunchy  with a fresh yummy nutrishous burst of flavour. The taziki was very garlicy and mild. It was so zesty and full of flavour.

My final taste is well known as carrot and hummous. The carrot was delectably sweet, juicy and crunchy. The hummous was queit lemony and you could definitly taste the chickpeas. I would recomend bringing a sick bag if you eat the hummous.

Overall I think these foods were really good.

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The Sad Ballerina


This is my story……..

One day Lily’s mum said for her to start ballet. Lily didn’t want to, but her mum said she had to start something active.

So Lily went to ballet class, and when she got there her ballet teacher wasn’t so nice to her. Lily tried to do ballet but she didn’t like it, she found it silly, useless and boring.

When Lily got home she told her mum that she doesn’t like ballet. Her mum said that she at least had to try it.

So the next day Lily went to ballet, she did as her mum said and she only liked it a little. The next thing you know, Lily was the head of the class!

Lily’s teacher told her that she deserves to be head of the ballet team. Now Lily’s teacher was being so nice to her. Now Lily really loves ballet.

When lily got home she told her mum that she will never ever give up ballet. Lily was right, she was all grown up and she was still doing ballet.


I hope you liked it

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Reading to the juniors


Today the grade fives read their picture story books that they made to the juniors. Mine was called the sad ballerina. The kids that I read to really liked it. I read to three girls and two boys, they both found it enjoyable. I will write my story on my blog. 

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My New Cousin


On the 7th of June my new cousin was born at 1:29 in the morning! Her name is Chloe and now she has a big sister called Ava. (Ava is my other cousin, you probobly heard of her in “Wattle Park”.) She is sooooooooooooooooo cute!

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