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I am a girl who likes art and I laugh all the time at funny and silly things. I enjoy math and I love tumblr pictures. They are the best. And I have the best friends ever!

Converting Units


Recently we have been learning how to convert units in maths. Here are some examples, this is milliliters to liters you have to add zeros depends to what number your converting   Kilograms to grams                                         […]

Australia Day Dates


At the moment in Australia the government and many other people are discussing about changing the date of Australia day. Because the aboriginals always protest on that day, but they call it invasion day. The first fleet arrived in Australia in 1788 in botany bay, and that become Australia day or also know as invasion […]

Our Production


This year our production is on The Legend Of The Three Trees. We have all worked very hard on our part of the production. We are all very excited for this production. Mrs.Bergin has done a really good job organizing this whole production. It will be performed in October. I am a storm dancer and […]

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Funny Animal Memes


My Birthday


On the holidays I turned 12. It was a really fun day, the whole family came. For dinner we had lamb, chicken, potatoes, salads and other things. My cake was a very cute (and yummy) Unicorn cake. (yes I know you would have loved it Molly) The day after my birthday, I went to Roller […]

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All About Me!


Hi my name is Eva. These are some things about me and maybe new things you will learn. I am a girl I love to sing I love to dance I love to read I like company from my friends My idol is Meghan Trainor I love to listen to music and sing along with […]

My Trip To Thailand!!


On Tuesday the 13th of june I went to Thailand for two weeks. The plane trip there was 8 hours and 5 minutes. The plane took pretty long but I just mostly watched movies on the screen. We went with Jet Star. When we arrived in Thailand it was really hot and muggy. We arrived […]

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Our Excursion


Last Wednesday all the Seniors went on an Excursion to the Imax theater and the Melbourne Museum. We had to go on a train to the city. After we got off the train we made our way to the Museum and Imax, so we had our brain food while we waited for our Movie to […]

Fidget Spinner’s: What’s Up With The Craze?


Lately our School is addicted to Fidget Spinner’s. Almost everybody has them. There can be so many shapes, coulors and patterns. But why are we all so addicted to them? Well one day a lady invented them for people with disabilities. But now they are in lots of shops and everyone is buying them. When […]

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Meghan Trainor!!!

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