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My Birthday


On the holidays I turned 12. It was a really fun day, the whole family came. For dinner we had lamb, chicken, potatoes, salads and other things. My cake was a very cute (and yummy) Unicorn cake. (yes I know you would have loved it Molly) The day after my birthday, I went to Roller Rama with my family and friends. (witch you don’t know) I had a very fun birthday. If you want to ask me Questions please comment! 

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“My Birthday”

  1. July 24th, 2017 at 12:51 am      Reply mollyhsl Says:

    OMG Eva!! I love your cake sooo much!! ( just like you predicted) did your Mum make it or did you buy it in a shop? ( if so,what shop was it?) I hope that you had a really great birthday and that you enjoy being 12 ( and that you don’t eat to much cake!)

    from your friend, Molly

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