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My Trip To Thailand!!


On Tuesday the 13th of june I went to Thailand for two weeks. The plane trip there was 8 hours and 5 minutes. The plane took pretty long but I just mostly watched movies on the screen. We went with Jet Star. When we arrived in Thailand it was really hot and muggy. We arrived there late at night.  It took an hour to get to our resort.

The next day we got and went to breakfast straight away. (the breakfast was the best ever!! there was so much things to chose from!!) After we that we went to the pool and beach straight away. That’s basically all we did everyday.

For dinner we had to go out to restaurants outside on the streets. Every night I basically ate Thai food. But when I got bored of Thai food I ate burgers and stuff. Thai food is basically Curries, noodles and stir fried food. There’s lots to choose from when you order. When your in Thailand there is so many people trying to sell you things. It is so funny and annoying! We bought lots of things from Thailand. Souvenirs, clothes, toys(fidget spinners),and lots of different things.

Every night after dinner we had and ice-cream from seven-eleven. There are seven-elevens and family marts everywhere. That was one of the best Holidays Iv’e  ever had. I wish I could go there again one day.

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“My Trip To Thailand!!”

  1. July 18th, 2017 at 3:20 am      Reply Georgia Says:

    Hi Eva,
    it sounds like an Awesome holiday and I was just wondering what your fav part was?

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