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Our Excursion


Last Wednesday all the Seniors went on an Excursion to the Imax theater and the Melbourne Museum.

We had to go on a train to the city. After we got off the train we made our way to the Museum and Imax, so we had our brain food while we waited for our Movie to start.

After we finished our brain food we went down to the Imax theater. We went and got our 3D glasses and went in our room and waited for our Movie to start. Because it was 3D it was so cool, it was like things were right in front of you and you could touch them (but you actually couldn’t) and sometimes things almost jumped right at you. The screen was soooooooooo huge, it is actually the largest screen in the world.

The first movie we watched was called The Search For Life In Space. The first movie was all about how scientists and astronomers finding out interesting and possibly life changing things about planets, stars, dwarf planets and different moons.

After we finished that movie we went to have playlunch. After we finished that we went to the Museum and went to the Earth part. Most of us went to the Volcano room. The Volcano room was about History of the Volcano’s that use to erupt. In the Earth part there was shown all sorts of Gems, Diamonds, Crystals, Rubies,etc. But there was mostly just parts that said interesting things about Earths past.

After that we went back to Imax to see our second Movie. Our second Movie was called A  Beautiful Planet. That Movie was about People going up to space in an actual Rocket and exploring the wonders and amazing secrets about space. That was the best movie I’ve seen about space.

After that Movie we went to have lunch and play on the playground. After that we went straight back to the Museum to the Bugs Alive Area. All the bugs were really cool and scary. There was lots of cool, bugs,spiders, insects and fish.

I reckon that was the best Excursion ever!!!!!



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