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The Sad Ballerina


This is my story…….. One day Lily’s mum said for her to start ballet. Lily didn’t want to, but her mum said she had to start something active. So Lily went to ballet class, and when she got there her ballet teacher wasn’t so nice to her. Lily tried to do ballet but she didn’t […]

Reading to the juniors


Today the grade fives read their picture story books that they made to the juniors. Mine was called the sad ballerina. The kids that I read to really liked it. I read to three girls and two boys, they both found it enjoyable. I will write my story on my blog. 

My New Cousin


On the 7th of June my new cousin was born at 1:29 in the morning! Her name is Chloe and now she has a big sister called Ava. (Ava is my other cousin, you probobly heard of her in “Wattle Park”.) She is sooooooooooooooooo cute!

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