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Wattle park


On Monday I went to wattle park with my cousin Ava.  We spended most of the time on the (fake) trams with Ava ( because she wanted to, she’s only 2) Then finally we went on the playground! Did I mention that we had a picnic there. We had lots of fun, I will so […]

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Having Dinner With The Adams Family


On Saturday the Adams family came over for dinner, yes I know your thinking about the show but it is actally Annie’s family. My dad made a Greek suvla for dinner. If your not Greek, this is what a suvla is, meat, spanigopita (spinach pie) zazici, danama and pita bread. first we played out side […]

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My Fun School Holidays


On the school holidays I did lots of fun stuff, here are some of them. on the first week in the morning we went to a very small park with some of our friends. We excitedly walked down to the park, when we got there we quickly ran to play with our friends. I got […]

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