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St Patricks day


Today is st Patricks day. Today we did lots of cool things, here are some did the irish jig in music dressed up in green ate green food and had lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My long weekend


last week we had a long weekend. The boys went camping, so my mum and I had a girls weekend. Here are the things that we did. woke up and watched the new fuller house walked to the black burn libary. went to a cafe watched alice in wonderland.(the one with jonney depp in it.) […]

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St Lukes parish fair


On march the 6th st lukes parish fair was held.  It was a very fun day, I will tell you all about it. There was lots of rides, the kite, the scrambler, the bouncy castle and the big slide. the was lots of stalls there too, if we wanted to buy something we would have […]

The Zika Virus


Today in class we watched a video that told us what the zika virus is and what it does. The zika virus is a mosquito called  the eades mosquito. PROBLEMS saw eyes fever saw jonints rash sometimes when a pregnet woman gets bit it can cause damage to it’s baby. The zika is found in […]

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About me


As you know my name is Eva, and i’m going to tell you some things about me *I have 2 brothers *I do swimming *my favorite food is pizza *my favorite movie is once upon a time *my favorite film is frozen *my favorite colour is purple and that’s all you need to know about […]

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