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All About Me!


Hi my name is Eva. These are some things about me and maybe new things you will learn.

  • I am a girl
  • I love to sing
  • I love to dance
  • I love to read
  • I like company from my friends
  • My idol is Meghan Trainor
  • I love to listen to music and sing along with it
  • I love word searches and puzzles
  • I love to draw
  • I love to play with my little cousins
  • I like to swim
  • I like to go to the beach
  • I like to make videos
  • My favorite game to play is Just Dance (on my Wii)
  • My favorite coulor is Aqua and Purple
  • My favorite food is Pizza
  • I have two brothers
  • I like art
  • I have the best Teacher that ever lived!!!

That’s all the things I can think of. If you want to ask me a question, comment. If you want to share me something about you, comment.

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My Trip To Thailand!!


On Tuesday the 13th I went to Thailand for two weeks. The plane trip there was 8 hours and 5 minutes. The plane took pretty long but I just mostly watched movies on the screen. We went with Jet Star. When we arrived in Thailand it was really hot and muggy. We arrived there late at night.  It took an hour to get to our resort.

The next day we got and went to breakfast straight away. (the breakfast was the best ever!! there was so much things to chose from!!) After we that we went to the pool and beach straight away. That’s basically all we did everyday.

For dinner we had to go out to restaurants outside on the streets. Every night I basically ate Thai food. But when I got bored of Thai food I ate burgers and stuff. Thai food is basically Curries, noodles and stir fried food. There’s lots to choose from when you order. When your in Thailand there is so many people trying to sell you things. It is so funny and annoying! We bought lots of things from Thailand. Souvenirs, clothes, toys(fidget spinners),and lots of different things.

Every night after dinner we had and ice-cream from seven-eleven. There are seven-elevens and family marts everywhere. That was one of the best Holidays Iv’e  ever had. I wish I could go there again one day.

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Our Excursion


Last Wednesday all the Seniors went on an Excursion to the Imax theater and the Melbourne Museum.

We had to go on a train to the city. After we got off the train we made our way to the Museum and Imax, so we had our brain food while we waited for our Movie to start.

After we finished our brain food we went down to the Imax theater. We went and got our 3D glasses and went in our room and waited for our Movie to start. Because it was 3D it was so cool, it was like things were right in front of you and you could touch them (but you actually couldn’t) and sometimes things almost jumped right at you. The screen was soooooooooo huge, it is actually the largest screen in the world.

The first movie we watched was called The Search For Life In Space. The first movie was all about how scientists and astronomers finding out interesting and possibly life changing things about planets, stars, dwarf planets and different moons.

After we finished that movie we went to have playlunch. After we finished that we went to the Museum and went to the Earth part. Most of us went to the Volcano room. The Volcano room was about History of the Volcano’s that use to erupt. In the Earth part there was shown all sorts of Gems, Diamonds, Crystals, Rubies,etc. But there was mostly just parts that said interesting things about Earths past.

After that we went back to Imax to see our second Movie. Our second Movie was called A  Beautiful Planet. That Movie was about People going up to space in an actual Rocket and exploring the wonders and amazing secrets about space. That was the best movie I’ve seen about space.

After that Movie we went to have lunch and play on the playground. After that we went straight back to the Museum to the Bugs Alive Area. All the bugs were really cool and scary. There was lots of cool, bugs,spiders, insects and fish.

I reckon that was the best Excursion ever!!!!!



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Fidget Spinner’s: What’s Up With The Craze?


Lately our School is addicted to Fidget Spinner’s. Almost everybody has them. There can be so many shapes, coulors and patterns. But why are we all so addicted to them?

Well one day a lady invented them for people with disabilities. But now they are in lots of shops and everyone is buying them. When you start getting used to them then you start getting addicted. They distract you especially in class and people like teacher’s or other students get annoyed.

That’s why I think Fidget Spinners are weird little things.

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Meghan Trainor!!!


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Inter-school Sports


On Tuesday we did inter-school sports. we played against st Christopher’s and we won 32 to 2. Today we played against mount waverly but unfortunately we lost  24 to 9. but we all still had fun and i’m looking forward to our next game.  

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End of Term


This term has been a really good term. I can’t wait until the next term comes. Easter is coming up and I hope everybody has a good holiday. I think the best thing about the term was doing are PLT’s, doing some really fun art, and the most important thing, getting to know eachother and our new teacher Mr. Kirwan.

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some of our wonderful kids from st lukes has been on abc me and I must say we have done an amazing job.  it is so cool and we have done lots of things. and I admit that we do have super stars at our school.

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2017 Blog Post


Hi everybody! hope you had a great time on the holidays.

It has been a very good year so far and hope it is going good for you as well.

I have had a brilliant time being a grade 6 so far and it is really awesome. I am looking forward to high school.

I have a great buddy, she is so sweet, kind and also a little bit cheeky. I think 2017 has been the best year so far. and being a senior is great as well.

please respond on how your year has gone so far.

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Macquarie Island Imformation Report


The Northern fur seals are found on Macquarie Island. It is a seal that visits the coast of the pacific and southern oceans. The male is larger than the female. The thick fur on the underside is used as sealskin.

Northern fur seals are classified as pinnipeds, a word which is from the Latin words “flap-footed”. Native to the northern pacific ocean, northern fur seals have the second thickest coat of fur of any animal, but the sea otter has the thickest. The coat of the adult female fur seal is a reddish brown on the front and underside with a silver patch on the chest and silver grey on their top.  Adult males can range in color anywhere from brownish grey to black. The diet of the fur seals is mainly made up out of squid, pollack, herring, salmon, mackerel, and anchovies. Northern fur seals are found throughout the northern pacific ocean from japan to southern California all the way up to the Bering sea. Northern fur seals spend about half of the year out at sea. They sleep on their backs while floating along the surface with their fins sticking out of the water. This is called the “jug-handle” position.     

Image result for northern fur sealsHope you enjoyed my Information report.

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